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Charged more unhealthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get insurance for my kids only under Obamacare?

Can I still see my doctor next year?

Will health insurance cost more in 2014?

Do I need to be on the same plan as my spouse?

Why does my household income matter under the Affordable Care Act?

How do Obamacare subsidies work?

Will I be able to change plans after 2014?

Am I eligible for Obamacare?

Do I have to apply for a plan before I apply for a subsidy?

What happens if I have a lapse in coverage in 2014?

Will I pay more for health insurance if I'm unhealthy?

Starting on January 1 of 2014, insurance company will not be able to charge higher rates to people within the same age group based on their gender or health status – said another way, you can't be charged a higher price for health insurance because you're a woman, or because you have a health condition.

And, if you buy your own health insurance, your application for coverage cannot be declined because you have a pre-existing condition, or for any other health related reason – beginning in 2014.
And, insurers will only be able to price plans based on four factors:

1. Your age – the oldest person can only be charged three times more than the youngest person for the same plan.
2. Where you live – the price to deliver care changes from city to city and state to state
3. The size of your family
4. And your tobacco use – a smoker can be charged up to 50% more for the same plan as a non-smoker.